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Why go to Antarctica? Maybe you have been everywhere else. Or maybe you want the ultimate adventure at the end of the world. Antarctica is a truly magical travel destination that stirs the imagination and fires the blood. Literally every moment is an opportunity for adventure, excitement and discovery - an unforgettable journey into one of nature's last, most remote, and most fascinating strongholds.

Antarctica simply has no equal for the traveller who appreciates unique landscapes and unusual environments. This is a place of spectacular beauty, a place where nature's palette of sky, sea, and ice produces breathtaking effects of color and light. A slow cruise through the Lemaire Channel or Paradise Bay, surrounded by a forest of icebergs and escorted, perhaps, by humpback whales, is an indescribable and almost overpowering experience. And because we schedule our visits during the austral summer, you enjoy the power and grandeur of icebound Antarctica at its most comfortable season, warm enough to dine and sightsee on deck.

The nearly total absence of a human presence in Antarctica has fostered one of its greatest attractions: wildlife. You'll share the landscape with dozens of unique animal species, unafraid and unperturbed by your presence: hundreds of thousands of penguins in one of their huge, raucous rookeries, bellowing elephant seals, giant petrels, terns, and skuas. The Antarctic is a paradise for those who relish a chance to observe and photograph wildlife at close range.

Remote, pristine, and little visited, Antarctica asks her privileged guests to visit on her own terms: as explorers and adventurers. You'll travel in the wake-and in the spirit-of historic trail-blazers like Sir Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott. Though great physical exertion or feats of fitness are not required (a few modern ships have more creature comforts than Shackleton's 'Endurance'!), this isn't a passive destination. The very nature of the Antarctic experience means that you'll enjoy hands-on exploration with a group of curious, energetic, like-minded fellow passengers, led by veteran lecturer/guides on expeditions that bring the incredible within reach.

Antarctica speaks to the adventurer in us all.

Abercrombie & Kent has been taking people to Antarctica for quite a few years. When our clients go to out of the way places, or third world cultures, A&K is the first company that comes to mind. Their global offices give us the type of service level, and they have the systems in place throughout the destinations they serve, that give us the confidence to send our valued clients to them. Young Travel & Cruises is a member of A&K's prestigious 100 Club, which is composed of the top agencies in the US, a high honor for a boutique agency with personalized service. Contact Us for additional information.