Where in the world would you like to golf?

Whether you are a scratch golfer looking for a new challenge on a world-renowned course or someone who would like to combine a little golf with your vacation travels, Young Travel & Cruises can take you there. See the destinations below for a sampling of some outstanding golf getaways.

California: Napa Valley

Napa Valley Food & Wine Experience (with golf too!)

Start with the exquisite Carneros Inn, add in the best wine in the world (have you seen the movie Bottle Shock?), chip in a few rounds of golf, and/or your choice of some other things you do not do at home (a balloon ride over the vineyards, perhaps?), partake of a luscious picnic or two, dine in…


And then there is Scotland.........home of golf and St. Andrews, the bagpipes, the clans and the tartans, Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots, the Highlands and the Borders, castles, crags, salmon and haggis, Edinburgh and the Military Tatto. Scotland has always been the feisty one that stood…

Golf Around The World

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Our house was full of trophies that my father had won. We would go to weekend tournaments during the school year, and week long tournaments in the summer, and we became familiar with the top courses in the south, and met many of the top pros that Daddy had played with. I started going to the Masters with him when I was twelve years old. And then my brother started playing, too, and he soon became a scratch golfer. Today, I cherish the memories, and make pilgrimages to Scotland and to St. Andrews, and have fun booking other golfers to these hallowed grounds of Scotland, England, Ireland, and other favorites throughout the world. We offer packages with the golf courses and tee times, transportation, hotels, and flights, if needed. We book tours for golfers only, or for couples who will have a varied itinerary of golf and sightseeing. And we can book castles and villas! Great golf destinations in addition to Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales are France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, South Africa and many other courses throughout the world for an occasional game of golf.