Virtuoso CEO Matthew Upchurch appeared on NBC's TODAY show this morning for a segment titled "When to Use a Travel Agent." During the interview with Ann Curry, Matthew explained the value of using a good travel advisor for the top-rated morning show's 7 million viewers.

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Virtuoso is the industry's leading leisure travel network. This by-invitation-only organization comprises more than 6,000 elite travel advisors associated with over 300 agencies in 22 countries in North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, as well as over 1,000 of the world's best travel providers and premier destinations.

Independent travel agencies receive sales, marketing and technology support, specialized training and accreditation programs, as well as exclusive services and products, as a result of their membership in Virtuoso. Being a Virtuoso client means your travels will be customized to your specific desires by a foremost expert, and that you'll be recognized as one of the most prestigious guests in the world with all the privileged access, perks and service that implies.

The network's member agencies generate over $4.2 billion annually in travel sales, making the group the most powerful in the luxury travel segment. Our relationships with the finest travel companies provide the network's affluent clientele with exclusive amenities, rare experiences and privileged access.

Virtuoso Welcome Letter

Expert Guidance

Virtuoso travel agencies are the top 1% of travel agencies — local businesses with worldwide connections. Their affiliation with Virtuoso represents

  • Decades of professional experience
  • Worldwide connections and
  • Product, lifestyle and destination expertise

Areas of Expertise

Virtuoso is an exclusive network of more than 6,000 elite travel advisors associated with over 300 agencies in 22 countries within North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand who specialize in connecting travelers to the world's best vacation destinations — in the best ways possible. Virtuoso travel advisors offer:

  • Knowledge - with easy access to a network of experts all over the world, our advisors offer not just the best you can find in your town, but the best agents throughout the world
  • Value - the inside scoop on impossible-to-get-tickets often includes the inside scoop on hard-to-believe prices
  • Distinction - exquisite opportunities, amazing sights and marvelous vacations are often only available to a select few...those few are Virtuoso advisors
  • Peace of mind - know that the person who arranged your hotel, cruise, tour or adventure has real experience with the complexities of the destination - you won't need to figure it out as you go
  • Destination expertise - the added training and communication offered by Virtuoso allows our travel advisors greater experience with a wide variety of destinations, and a greater depth of knowledge about every available trip

Why Choose Virtuoso?

We understand that you value your leisure time. We also pride ourselves on having the inside scoop, the local flavor, even those impossible-to-land tickets that would take your next trip from "cool" to "WOW!". In addition, we bring you specific, additional advantages:

For Cruisers:

We offer complimentary benefits when you cruise with Virtuoso, including: escorted pre- and post-cruise trips, shore excursions, land packages and special social events on more than 450 departures per year with luxury cruise lines.

For Air Travelers:

When you travel internationally, you benefit from our insider access to special fares that you won't find on the Internet.

For Country- and Experience-Collectors:

We maintain relationships with the world's leading travel and adventure companies. And, from time to time, we offer Virtuoso Discoveries.

For Independent Sorts:

You want to travel your way, and we're experts at making independent arrangements. Our custom vacation options are endless. Tell us what personal touches you would like to add, and we'll fine-tune your vacation to make it your own.

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MasterCard® is the official card of the Virtuoso network. Whether you prefer to swim with sharks in Moorea, try dog-sledding on an Alaskan glacier, learn French cooking in Provence or play golf in Dubai, MasterCard can take you there.

Award-Winning Journalism

Our flagship publication, "Virtuoso Life, the traveler's guide to inspired pursuits", has won several prestigious awards for journalism, photography, and illustration. The most recent awards include Best Overall External Magazine and Most Improved Magazine, Clarion Awards 2007 and Best Feature Article, WPA Maggie Awards 2007.

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