Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson Lisa Anderson Lisa Anderson

Some of my very first memories of travel started as a small child. My grandparents weren't fond of the winter months, and they always were going somewhere exciting. As one of their first grandchildren, they also brought me back surprises from their trips. Sometimes the surprise was a piñata or a string puppet from Mexico and other times it might be a special piece of jewelry. But, one thing for sure, they never came home empty handed and they always told wonderful stories of their travel.

When they weren't traveling, my parents were. My mom and dad would call home from Europe at a designated time and day and I'd be confused with the time delay in between each string of conversation. They too brought home a suitcase of goodies, so I guess I first fell in love with surprises which led me to fall in love with travel.

It wasn't too long before my sister and I began accompanying my parents on trips. Before I was in high school, I had already traveled to Mexico City, France, England and to 20 states in the United States. By college, I was planning spring break trips to the Caribbean for large groups and to New Orleans for National Championship games. And, it was then that I took my first trip to Asia to experience Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Oh, and I can't forget a work-study summer program in Europe too.

After college, a honeymoon in Tahiti, and returning to SC, I worked at a software company as Director of International Marketing. With this job too, I experienced many new places. I count my first trip to South America in this mix, as well as Bali, Shanghai, Chiang Mai, Australia, Malaysia, and numerous countries in Europe.

In recent years, I added Africa as another feather in my cap and continue to love the Caribbean. The way I see it is that the more I work, the more I can afford to travel. Traveling, gardening, photography, and the sun are four of my biggest luxuries. I feel deprived when I don't have one of these pleasures in my life at all times.

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